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Syrian air defenses fire back at terrorist israeli missiles near Damascus


Terorist israel has conducted yet another aggression on Syrian soil by firing two missiles that landed outside Damascus International Airport as the Syrian Army continues major operation in the country’s southwestern provinces.

The attack reportedly targeted an Iranian cargo plane while being unloaded. Israel believes it was a shipment of weapons meant for Iranian-backed fighters fighting rebel groups across Syria.

Raw footage posted online shows Syrian air defenses open fire in an attempt to down the missiles. It is not yet known whether the Syrian military managed to effectively intercept any of the two missiles.

Israel has a long history in striking sites inside Syrian territories on the pretext of hosting Iranian forces.

The attack – confirmed by a Syrian military source – comes as the government troops continue to overrun jihadi groups in Daraa Province, recapturing a key town in the northeastern countryside.

According to sources, An Israeli warplane was spotted above the Dara’a Governorate just before the attack was launched on east Damascus.

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