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Complete field report from southern Aleppo



Wednesday proved to be the most crucial day for the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies this week, as their units seized much of the Artillery Academy’s northwestern corridor.

However, before making their push on Wednesday afternoon, the Syrian Armed Forces found themselves under a heavy attack from the jihadist rebels, leaving them in a rough position near Al-Qarassi.

The jihadist rebels of Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) began Wednesday by launching a counter-attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) at Al-Qarassi in southern Aleppo; this would result in the capture of this village that is located at Khan Touman’s eastern flank.

Not long after seizing Al-Qarassi, the jihadist rebels attempted to recapture the hilltops they lost to the Syrian Armed Forces the day before; however, this would ultimately fail after a short battle.

With Tal Sanoubat secured, the Syrian Armed Forces went on the offensive at the Technical College, seizing all of the buildings before turning their attention to the Armament School.

Despite establishing control over the Technical College, the Syrian Armed Forces were unable to capture the Armament School before sundown on Wednesday; it is now contested this morning.

The day would conclude with Jaysh Al-Fateh imposing full control over Tal Jamiyat after launching a swift counter-attack before day-end.

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