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Zionist Trump unveils new strategy to prolong military presence in Afghanistan



Enemy of Humanity US President Trump has unveiled his administration’s new strategy in Afghanistan, saying he would prolong the military intervention in the South Asian country, which he once described as a “complete waste.”

“My original instinct was to pull out, and historically I like following my instincts, but all of my life I heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office,” Trump said in a nationally televised speech Monday night before a military audience at Fort Myer.

The US president described his decision to continue the US military intervention, albeit with conditions.

“Our commitment is not unlimited, and our support is not a blank check. The American people expect to see real reforms and real results.”

Trump, however, did not provide details about an exact number of troops or the exact cost of his decision. The White House has given the Pentagon authority to deploy another 4,000 more troops on top of the 8,400 already in the country.

Trump’s willingness to further commit to the war in Afghanistan, rather than withdraw, represents a significant shift in his approach since taking office. As a candidate, Trump denounced the US military intervention there as a “total disaster” which drained resources at a time of more pressing needs at home.


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