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‘Daesh is US betrayal of human society’




Speaking at Zahedan’s Bayt al-Ruqayyah Husayniyah, Ayatollah Seyyed Mojtaba Hoseyni said that the false claims of Western countries fighting the Takfiri terrorists will grant them nothing but disgrace.
The representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and Syria said that the Americans’ claims that they are defendants of human rights and are fighting against terrorism are unfounded and added that such statements are clear examples of their betrayal of human society and their creation and support of Daesh.“Today, it has become clear for the people of the world that the United States is the primary sponsor of the Takfiri phenomenon in the region,” he said.

Ayatollah Hoseyni said that the US wants to protect the Takfiris in the Middle East in order to provide as security for the Zionist regime and this is also the reason for the presence of the Takfiris because they benefit the imperialist Western powers in the region.

“For this reason, they do not seek a definitive solution to solve the Takfiri phenomenon,” he added.

The member of the Assembly of Experts added that the US does not want the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq and Syria to achieve any victories against the Daesh because their victory would prevent the realization of their plans. “For this reason, they are using any means possible to limit the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq and Syria,” the Iranian cleric said.

Ayatollah Hoseyni explained that the Takfiri terrorist groups are fulfilling the US’ plans in the Middle East and as long as the US can maintain their dominance in the region, they will assist the Daesh terrorists maintain a presence in the region.

He said, “Thankfully, today, the power of the Daesh terrorists is in decline and they are on the verge of destruction. God-willing, we will witness the complete destruction of the main sponsors of this terrorist group and the disgrace of their main sponsors – the government of the US – in the near future.”

According to Rasa, Ayatollah Hoseyni emphasized that the Islamic Awakening can be considered the best way to solve the problem of the Takfiri phenomenon and said that if the Islamic Awakening occurs in all countries, the Takfiris will not have a place to go. “

As we see, the greatest problem of Daesh in Arab countries is the presence of aware and combatant Sunni Muslims,” he said.

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