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US-led coalition hindering Dayr al-Zawr operation: Syria operations command



The operations command for allied forces in Syria says a US-led coalition carrying out a bombardment campaign in the country is the main reason behind a delay in the recapture of the western city of Dayr al-Zawr.

The command orchestrates and coordinates the military efforts by the Syrian army and its allies against terrorists countrywide.

Syria’s War Media on Tuesday cited the command as accusing the coalition of plotting against Syrian troops and intentionally bombing them to tilt the balance on the battleground in favor of terrorists.

The US-led coalition, which launched its operations in Syria in 2015, says its goal is to bomb the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh.

Over the past months, the coalition has reportedly transferred Daesh ringleaders to other locations for unidentified reasons, it said, adding that Daesh terrorists seized by the army had confessed to the alliance between the outfit and the US-led forces.

Last Friday, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group said the US had conducted 10 heliborne operations, transferring Daesh elements.

The most recent of the operations, it said, saw three helicopters carrying out an airlift in al-Sawh District in Dayr al-Zawr’s western suburbs last Wednesday. Citing informed sources, the group said the US had been moving mercenaries as the Syrian army and their allies were closing in on Dayr al-Zawr.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry named Dayr al-Zawr as “the last stronghold of the international terrorists on Syrian soil.”

Russia has been lending aerial support to Syria’s military operations since September 2015.

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