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Hezbollah slams Zionists invasion of Al Aqsa Mosque


Hezbollah in this message noted that silent stance of the Arab world against Israel is in line with normalization of ties with the illegal regime saying,” Massive invasion of the Zionist settlers against Al Aqsa Mosque is the policy of the Zionist regime for stemming symbols and values of the holy mosque and providing the grounds for complete destruction of the great Islamic architecture.”

The statement adds,” Silence of the Arab governments against the provocative act is in line with normalization of ties with the Zionist regime and opening the ways towards clear unification with the regime.”

Another part of Hezbollah message reads,” The issue of Palestine and Al Quds might not be out of the priorities for some Arab governments though normalization of relations has marginalized the issue of Al Quds from priorities of these governments.”

Hezbollah has demanded all Arab and Islamic states to stand against constant invasions of the Zionist enemies and follow a certain policy in regards to the invasions and neutral stance of the Arab countries, regional and international institutions.

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