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Sheikh Qassem: Quneitra Attack Targets Hezbollah in Specific

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Deputy Hezbollah Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed Sunday that the assault on Hezbollah convoy in Syria’s Quneitra on Jan. 18 was targeting Hezbollah in specific.

During a ceremony held by Hezbollah to mark seven days after the martyrdom of Jihad Moughneih, son of late senior Hezbollah commander martyr haj Imad Moughneih in Beirut, Sheikh Qassem underlined that Hezbollah fight against takfiris is part of his fight against Zionist scheme, revealing that Quneitra attack proved that the Zionist entity orchestrates the crisis in Syria since its beginning.

“Israel behind the Syrian crisis… Quneitra attack revealed the level of integrated cooperation between Israel and takfiri groups and proved that war on Syria is run by Israel ” his eminence said.

Furthermore, Sheikh Qassem emphasized that Hezbollah has effectively contributed to thwart the enemy scheme in the region in general and in Syria in particular, stressing that he will continue to fight every where there is a Zionist project regardless of any obstacle.

“Hezbollah will continue jihad and will be where he should be regardless of obstacles ,” he said, stressing that “Israel will never succeed and it is too weak to impose new equation, and Hezbollah will be the victorious at the end of the day by the will of Allah.”

Commenting on latest security developments in Lebanon’s eastern region of Arsal, Sheikh Qassem reiterated Hezbollah stance about fighting takfiris in Lebanon, expressing that “Lebanese army martyrs of Arsal against takfiris are brothers of Hezbollah martyrs” who were killed in Quneitra, promising that “the unification of martyrs of Hezbollah and the army will change the equation in the region.”

“Lebanese army martyrs are martyrs of the same battle against Israel, and constitute one pillar of the tripartite Army-People-Resistance,” his eminence concluded.

The Zionist military targeted a Hezbollah convoy in the Golan Heights last Sunday by a rocket assault fired from armed helicopter.

The attack killed six fighters of Hezbollah, including field commander Mohammad Issa, Jihad Moughneih – son of the late senior commander martyr haj Imad Moughneih, assassinated by Zionist entity in Feb. 2008, Abbas Hjazi, Mohammad Ali Abu Al-Hassan, Ali Ibrahim and Ghazi Dawi.

An Iranian General, Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi, was also killed in the attack.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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