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The Syrian Army Takes Control of 16 Industrial Plants in Handarat in Aleppo

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – backed by Hezbollah (Party of God), National Defense Forces (NDF), and the Al-Ba’ath Brigades (Liwaa Al-Ba’ath) – have captured a total of 16 industrial plants at the Al-Shahel Quarter of the Handarat District in Aleppo City; this success has applied immense pressure on the remaining Islamic Front (Jabhat Al-Islamiyya) militants entrenched inside the Handarat Refugee Camp.

At the Suleimaniyyeh Quarter of Aleppo City, militants from the Islamic Front launched a barrage of hellfire cannons into this predominately Armenian neighborhood, wounding almost a dozen civilians and destroying the roof of an Armenian Orthodox Church. The church also had a nursing-home connected to the building; it was also damaged as a result of the Islamic Front’s bombardment.

The SAA and NDF continued their offensive south of the village of Al-Bureijj, targeting the militants from the Islamic Front near the Stone Quarries in northeast Aleppo City. Yesterday, the SAA killed a number of militants during a search-and-destroy mission that resulted in the destruction of 2 pick-up trucks and a van used to transport supplies to Islamic Front fighters.

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