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ISIS holds on for dear life as Syrian, Palestinian troops press further in Yarmouk Camp


The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) is suffering several setbacks inside their last pocket in southern Damascus, thanks in large part to the nonstop attacks from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their Russian and Palestinian counterparts.

Backed by a plethora of Russian airstrikes,  the Syrian Arab Army and their Palestinian allies were able to score a new advance in the southwestern corridor of the Yarmouk Camp, today, resulting in the liberation of several buildings north of the strategic 30th Street axis.

Furthermore, the Syrian Army and their allies were able to kill scores of Islamic State militants during today’s advance, while also destroying a large number of trenches and fortifications setup by the terrorist group.

The Syrian Army and their allies were also able to secure the recent ground they gained in northeast Hajar Al-Aswad, today, following another series of intense clashes with the Islamic State terrorists in this part of southern Damascus.


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