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Syria denies using chemical weapons in Douma, Eastern Ghouta


The Syrian government has denied terrorist claims pertaining to it launching a chemical attack in the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

In a statement released via Syria’s official SANA news agency late on Saturday, the Syrian government stressed that such claims were aimed at halting Syrian forces’ advances in the region and were made by the terrorists themselves.

“The chemical fabrications, which did not serve the terrorists and their sponsors in Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta, will not serve them today either, as the Syrian state is determined to end terrorism in every square inch of Syrian territory,” read the statement.

It added that Syrian forces, “which is making a swift and determined advance,” do not need to use such measures against the terrorists.

Earlier, terrorists claimed that government forces had dropping a barrel bomb containing poisonous chemicals in the city injuring a large number of civilians.

The accusations were made several hours after Jaish al-Islam terrorists targeted the city’s al-Mazzeh area with some seven rockets.

Syrian forces resumed airstrikes on militant positions in Douma on Friday after the last remaining militants there violated an evacuation deal and shelled civilian areas near Damascus.

The Syrian government surrendered its stockpiles of chemical weapons in 2014 to a joint mission led by the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which oversaw the destruction of the weaponry.

Western governments and their allies, however, have never stopped pointing the finger at Damascus whenever an apparent chemical attack has taken place

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