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Syria calls on UN Security Council to condemn Israeli repeated attacks on Damascus and Aleppo Airports

New York, SANA-Syria on Monday called on UN Security Council to condemn the Israeli recurrent attacks on Damascus and Aleppo airports.

“The Israeli occupation seeks to ignite the region as it launched 4 attacks on Damascus and Aleppo Airporta during the last days, synchronizing with its brutal aggression on Gaza Strip that left behind hundreds of massacres against innocent civilians,” Acting Charge de’ Affairs of Syria’s delegation to the UN, Al Hakam Dandi said at UN Security Council session about the situation in Syria.

Dandi added that Syria calls on UNSC to put an end to those attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice, considering that protection provided by western countries to the occupation makes them partners in the Zionist entity’s crimes.

In a relevant context, Dandi said that the Western illegitimate and coercive measures imposed on Syria deprive its people of their right to food, health, education and development, adding that these measures are the reason behind the economic and humanitarian suffering in the country, in addition to Washington’s plundering of the national resources.

The Syrian diplomat went on to say that there are several sides which deliberately cause the continuation of the hard humanitarian situation in Syria, particularly after the devastating earthquake at a time the country needs sustainable solutions.

“Overcoming the repercussions of the crisis in Syria requires from some member countries a true political will to stop the Israeli repeated aggression, end the illegitimate foreign presence and immediately remove the western blockade,” Dandi said.

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