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Final statement of Amman meeting: supporting Syria and its institutions to establish control on all its territory

Amman, SANA- Foreign Ministers of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq stressed support to Syria and its institutions to establish control on all its territory, end presence of terrorist and armed groups in the country and stop foreign intervention in the Syrian domestic affairs.

The Ministers, concluding their meeting in Amman on Monday, affirmed the importance of cooperation between Syria, the states concerned and the United Nations to crystalize a comprehensive strategy and deal with security challenges regarding border security and combating terrorism.

The final statement of the meeting said that priority should be given to end the crisis in Syria and its repercussions, end the suffering of the Syrian people through a political solution that keeps Syria sovereignty and territorial integrity, provide safe and voluntary return of refugees to their home.

The statement called for boosting cooperation between Syria and the neighboring countries in combating drugs trafficking.

Mazen Eyon

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