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Lebanese Army arrests most wanted terrorist in special operation

The Lebanese Army’s intelligence units carried out a special operation on Thursday to arrest a wanted terrorist inside the Arsal Municipality.

According to a military communique, the Lebanese Army arrested the notorious terrorist Mustafa Al-Hujayri (AKA “Mustafa Anis” after storming an area he was believed to be hiding.

As the Lebanese Army attempted to apprehend the Al-Hujayri, the wanted terrorist hurled a hand grenade at the soldiers in an attempt to evade capture.

Al-Hujayri was ultimately unable to escape from the scene after he injured himself during the hand grenade toss.

The terrorist is now in the custody of the Lebanese Army as he awaits his prosecution by the judicial authorities.


Please note: another Mustafa Al-Hujayri was arrested in 2017; he was a leading member of Jabhat Al-Nusra

Source: Almanar

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