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Syria and China issue a joint statement establishing strategic partnership relations

Hangzhou, SANA-The Syrian Arab Republic and the People’s Republic of China adopt a joint declaration announcing the establishment of strategic partnership relations between both countries.

The statement was announced following the summit meeting between Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Xi Jinping in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

According to the statement, the two sides will continue to exchange strong support on issues relating to the core interests and major concerns of each country.

“The Syrian side firmly adheres to the One-China principle and recognizes that the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China, and that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory, as well as supports the efforts of Beijing to preserve its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity,” the statement stated.

According to the statment, the Chinese side firmly supports Syrian efforts to preserve the country’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, supports the Syrian people to follow the development path consistent with national conditions, and supports Syrian policies and measures adopted by the Syrian government to maintain the security, stability and development of the country.

The Chinese side rejects the interference of foreign powers in the internal affairs of Syria and everything that affects its security and stability, and also rejects the illegal military presence, the illegal military operations and the illegal looting of natural resources. from Syria.

In the statement, Beijing urged the immediate lifting of all unilateral and illegal sanctions imposed on Syria.

The two sides will enhance friendly cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, agriculture, culture, youth, media, etc., and the Chinese side will continue to provide all possible assistance to Syria and support the Syrian efforts for reconstruction and recovery are underway, the statement stated.

The declaration stipulates that the two countries categorically oppose hegemony and force politics in any form, including the imposition of unilateral sanctions and illegal restrictive measures on other countries.

They also promote the establishment of a new type of international relations and work hand in hand to build a community of shared future for humanity.


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