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Hundreds of Fugitive Soldiers Join Syrian Army in Hasaka



A sum of 1,500 fugitive soldiers received government amnesty and joined the Syrian Army in the Northeastern province of Hasaka on Saturday.

The Syrian Army granted amnesty to a sum of 1,500 fugitive soldiers in the town of Qamishli and in Hasaka city. The troops came back into service after they went under a fresh round of military training.

The soldiers are to be later deployed to the army bases and positions in Hasaka province to boost the army’s combat power.

A major part of Hasaka province has been captured by the US-backed militants.

Local sources said on Wednesday that the Kurdish-majority Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) expelled refugees from their camp shelters and residential units in Hasaka province to replace them with their comrades and their family members that fled Afrin under Turkish Army attacks.

The sources said that the US-backed SDF evacuated forcefully refugees from the town of Ra’as al-Ein to replace them with their comrades and their family members that fled the Afrin region under Ankara forces’ attack.

The daily further said that the Syrian Army accommodated 11 Afrin Kurdish families in al-Qahtaniyeh region and its surrounding areas in Hasaka province.

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