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Security in northern Syria should be provided only by Syrian Army: Rouhani

He underlined the vitality of preserving unity between the nation, the leadership, the armed forces and all the parties in Iran.

Rouhani said that “the great Iranian nation has been successful at defeating the US’ maximum pressure and economic terrorism through resistance.”

Addressing the recent unrest in the region, Rouhani said “unfortunately, tensions frequently erupt in various parts of the region, sometime in Yemen, sometime in the Mediterranean and also at Turkish and Syrian borders.”

Noting that the Turkish government is concerned with its southern borders, he said “we believe that the best way must be selected to resolve the issue.”

“As we announced in the recent trilateral meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey, security will be provided on northern Syrian and southern Turkish borders only by the Syrian army,” he said, “Other countries should cooperate on the issue, while American troops must leave the region.”

“The Kurds have the right to stand beside the Syrian army to protect their land,” Rouhani added.

“We call on our brother, Turkey, to revise its present stance and act with more patience,” the Iranian President said.

“Today, the main issue is not about northeast Syria or east of Euphrates but the main problem is with Edlib, where all the terrorists have gathered together,” he said.

The president was reacting to Turkey’s announcement to launch an offensive in northern Syria in a bid to force back the Kurds in the border area.

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