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Lebanese commander vows to confront any Israeli aggression


Lebanese Army commander, General Jean Kahwaji, vowed on Thursday to protect Lebanon from any Israeli aggression that threatens their sovereignty and people.

“We (army) shall use all means possible to confront any Israeli aggression against Lebanese sovereignty,” General Kahwaji affirmed on Thursday.

Citing U.N. Resolution 1701, General Kahwaji stated that Lebanon has the right to defend itself from any external threat.

General Kahwaji made this statement to the Lebanese Army, while visiting a military post at the border-city of Marjiyoun on Thursday.

“This region enjoys stability and coexistence among the various spectrums of Lebanese society, thanks to the efforts of the military units deployed in the area, and cooperation with the international forces [UNIFIL],” he added.

Recently, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) increased their presence at the disputed Sheba’a Farms of Lebanon, sending several vehicles filled with soldiers to this rural area.

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