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PHOTOS: Syrian troops arrive to defend newly liberated land in rural Raqqa



Fresh government reinforcements are pouring into Raqqa province as we speak with the Syrian Army (SA) gearing up for a push towards Deir Ezzor despite resistance from both ISIS and the US-led coalition.

Due to a blitz offensive masterminded by regional SAA commander-in-chief Suheil Al-Hassan, government forces now have a vastly extended frontline with urgent need for checkpoints and defensive positions to be manned if the Tiger Forces are to push towards eastern Syria without being cutoff in the process.

On Monday, a seasoned batch of National Defence Forces (NDF) made their way from the Qalamoun region in rural Damascus to the Raqqa countryside after enduring a long but safe journey through the government mainland.



Although the SAA is still in need of manpower to defend rearguard positions from potential jihadist counter-attacks and ongoing Kurdish aggression, government forces hope to eliminate an ISIS bulge in the Khanaser Plains in the coming days, a military endeavour which would shorten the lengthy frontline significantly.


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