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Reinforcements from Tiger Forces arrive in western Palmyra



The second batch of reinforcements from the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces arrived to the T-4 Military Airport on Wednesday after making the arduous journey from the Aleppo front.

Similar to their other units in the eastern countryside of Homs, these reinforcements from the Tiger Forces will be used to protect the T-4 Military Airport from all Islamic State attackers.

More reinforcements from the Tiger Forces are expected to arrive to the Palmyra front in the coming days, as they prepare to launch their counter-offensive to recapture the imperative gas and oil fields situated north of this ancient city.

Similar to the previous Palmyra offensive, the Tiger Forces will be leading the charge to liberate this vast desert area in the heart of Syria, while their allies from Hezbollah, 11th Tank Division, and Republican Guard provide necessary back-up.

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