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Golan is Syrian territory and will remain Syrian- report

Occupied Golan, SANA-The occupied Syrian Golan is a Syrian territory, located in the southwest of Syria along the border with occupied Palestine, and its total area is estimated at about 1860 kilometers square.

Golan has a geographical location of great importance that made it a transit area for convoys, armies and peoples since ancient times.

Mount Hermon -Al-Sheikh mount- is located in the north and is separated  from the southern Bekaa in Lebanon, as well as the Yarmouk Valley in the south from the northwestern heights of Ajloun and Jordan, and from the west the Hawa Plain and Lake Tiberias, while Wadi Al-Raqad lies in the east between it and the area Houran.

Golan diversity climatic ranging between cold, moderate and hot, and it is  an ideal area for agriculture throughout the year and it is attractive for  tourism as well. Various civilizations, had followed it , most notably the Canaanite, Aramaic and Islamic ones.

Zionism has not hidden its greed in the Golan since 1918 , as David Ben-Gurion drew his conception of the so-called “State of Israel” in a document in which he stated that the borders of “the Jewish state” should include the entire Negev and part of the Sanjak of Damascus and the districts of Quneitra, Wadi Anjar and Hasbaya.

The Zionist entity occupied Golan in 1967 and sought from the first day of its occupation to change its geographical and demographic features, destroying its villages and farms, establishing settlements, displacing its residents, tampering with its monuments, extending its control over all water resources, and laying mines in Agricultural areas and in the vicinity of populated areas and worked to convert many sites and villages into military sites.

On December 14, 1981, the Israeli Knesset approved the so-called decision of annexing the Golan, according to which “Israeli law, judiciary, and administration were imposed on the Golan,” but the UN Security Council responded quickly to the Zionist move and adopted Resolution No. 497 on December 17 From 1981, considering that Israel’s decision to annex the Golan is null and void and has no legal effect on the international level.

Today, Syria citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan continue to stand firm in the face of the Zionist occupation authorities, and they are all confident and certain that the Golan will return to homeland, Syria.

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