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Hezbollah engages HQs of Golani Brigade, Egoz Unit in Akka with drones

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah confirmed Tuesday that it engaged the headquarters of two Israeli military units in southern occupied Palestine in response to the assassination of one of its fighters in a southern Lebanese town earlier.

In a statement, Hezbollah said its Resistance fighters launched a combined aerial attack using diversionary and suicide drones and engaged the headquarters of the Golani Brigade and the Egoz Unit 621 at Shraga barracks north of the occupied city of Akka, hitting its targets precisely.

Reuters highlighted that this was Hezbollah’s “deepest attack” into occupied Palestinian territory since the start of the Gaza war on October 7.

The Lebanese Resistance group mentioned that the operation came in response to the Israeli aggression that targeted the town of Adloun and the assassination of one of its fighters.

Prior to the operation, Hezbollah mourned its Resistance fighter Hussein Ali Azkoul (Hadi) from the town of Qalaway and a resident of the town of Adloun in southern Lebanon.

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