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Pro-Houthi tribes mass mobilize to fight Saudi Coalition

Several pro-Ansarallah Movement  tribes have declared mass mobilization in their respective provinces, as they vow to fight the Saudi-led Coalition across Yemen.

According to pro-Ansarallah media, the tribes of ‘Amran and Sanaa have announced the mass mobilization of their fighters in these provinces.

In particular, the Arhab tribes of Sanaa announced on Monday the “general mobilization to retaliate for the crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression coalition against Yemenis.”

Meanwhile, in the ‘Amran Governorate, the tribes held a mass meeting in the Jabal Eyal Yazid District to discuss the mobilization of their fighters to combat the Saudi-led Coalition across Yemen.

The ‘Amran tribes specifically highlighted their need to confront the Saudi-led Coalition along the western coast of Yemen.

The tribal leaders agreed to mobilize their fighters after the Ansarallah Movement leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi, called on the tribes to aid in the western Yemen battle.

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