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Dozens of buses evacuate Syrian rebels from Ad-Dumayr city to north Aleppo



Photos have been released by Hezbollah-linked media showing dozens of buses preparing to evacuate Syrian militants from the city of Ad-Dumayr in northeastern Damascus province to northern Aleppo province.

The event saw some 1,500 Jaysh al-Islam fighters depart Ad-Dumayr after being present in inside the city for many years during which time they used it as a stronghold.

Following the departure of insurgents from Ad-Dumayr, Syrian security forces entered the city on Thursday afternoon and raised the national flag above it, thus signalling its return to government control.

Fighters who have left Ad-Dumayr with the evacuation convoy are to be received by Turkish-backed rebels in northern Aleppo and resettled in the town of Jarablus.

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