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President al-Assad: What is going on in Gaza today brings “Palestine cause” back to its true place in the Arab conscience

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday that the core of the U.S. policy, over decades till now, is the military escalation and creating chaos, as Europe, which follows this policy, witnesses a deterioration status, not only on the moral level, but also on the intellectual one.

The President’s comments came during a dialogue meeting with a wide group of members of the diplomatic corps at the Foreign Ministry.

The President pointed out that accusing the West and the U.S. of dealing on the basis of double standards is an inaccurate accusation, but what the true is that the West and America follow one standard in their policy, which is permanent bias toward their own interests at the expense of the interests of other peoples and countries, perhaps that is one of the most prominent reasons that ignite conflicts in regions, among them our region which is currently witnessing a war on Gaza that represents a blatant example of this partiality.

President al-Assad started his dialogue from history and its indicators to place the current political and military events, the existing alliances, and the ongoing conflicts in their historical context before reading them from their purely political perspective. 

President al-Assad went on to say that the essence of American policy over the past decades until now is military escalation and the creation of chaos, followed in this policy by Europe, which is living in a state of deterioration not only on the moral level but even on the intellectual level, as evidenced by the statements we hear daily from European politicians, and the spectacle issued by countries of Europe, through its media outlets, about what is going on in Gaza, which is full of superficiality and racism on the one hand, and allegations and lies on the other hand, stressing that what is happening in Gaza today has restored the issue of Palestine to its true place in Arab conscience. 

President al-Assad indicated that the West rushed to provide financial, military and logistical support to “Israel” which represents the cornerstone of the colonial project in the region.

The diplomats asked a wide range of questions and proposed opinions on politics and political thought, and talked about the role of the diplomatic institution and foreign missions in light of the current developments.

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