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Long Convoy of ISIL’s Military Vehicles Destroyed in Syrian Armed Forces’ Attack in Homs



The Syrian Army’s artillery units and Air Force targeted a military column of ISIL terrorists in Eastern Homs en route to the depth of Badiyeh (desert) in Deir Ezzur on Wednesday, destroying most of the vehicles.

The military convoy of ISIL terrorists with at least six large military vehicles was en route from Northeast of the town of Humeimeh in Eastern Homs to the depth of Badiyeh in Deir Ezzur.

The artillery and aircraft pounded the convoy and destroyed most of the vehicles, killing a number of their crew.

In the meantime, the artillery and missile unis opened heavy fire at ISIL’s movements East of Jubb al-Jarrah, destroying two military vehicles and killing several terrorists.

Relevant reports said on Tuesday that the army troops took control of the villages and towns of al-Koum, Vaha al-Koum, Jourah al-Jamal, Najiran, Ein Sabkha and Um Qabibeh after hours of non-stop battle with terrorists.

The army men also advanced against ISIL in T2 station in Eastern Homs and captured the strategic hill of Abu Fares Northwest of the town of Humeimeh.

The army killed a large number of terrorists, destroying six military vehicles and defused a large number of landmines.

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