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More than one-third of US citizens believe Jews ‘more loyal to Israel’ than US, survey finds

More than one-third of US citizens believe Jews are "more loyal to Israel" than to the United States, a new poll has found, suggesting further that about a quarter of Americans believe "Israel gets away with anything" and controls the media.

The poll conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and released on Thursday found that 39 percent of respondents in the US believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than they are to the US.

Results from the poll also showed that at least 20 percent of respondents said  Jews had “too much power” in the US, and 18 percent said they were “uncomfortable spending time with a pro-Israel person.”

Among other findings in the poll, 21 percent of respondents believe that Jews “don’t care about anyone other than themselves”, while 53 percent said that Jews “will go out of their way to hire other Jews” and 23 percent believe “Israel gets away with anything.”

The ADL poll, which was conducted among a sample of more than 4,000 US adults, indicated that Americans’ negative view towards the Israeli regime has doubled in the past 4 years.

The ADL sounded the alarm over growing antisemitism in the United States, saying it has reached unprecedented levels in decades.

The development comes as the organization has often equated antisemitism to anti-Zionism.

However, political experts say antisemitism is being used as a tool for excusing Zionists’ crimes.

Veterans Today editor, Kevin Barrett, said the term antisemitism is a misnomer that has its roots in the early 19th-century equation of linguistics with race and, according to him, has been discredited ever since then.

“This notion of antisemitism equating with anti-Jewish racism really does not make any sense anymore but since World War II, persecution of Jews in Germany and the backlash against it afterward, essentially this concept of anti-Jewish racism equated falsely with the term anti-Semitism,” Barrett said.

This term has become a tool of Zionist power in the world to excuse the Zionist invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, he pointed out.

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