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Source: ISIL Using Children of Fallujah as Suicide Bombers


Local Iraqi provincial sources disclosed that the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group is using and training the children in the city of Fallujah to perpetrate suicide bombing missions in Anbar province.
“The ISIL has resorted to using the Iraqi children in Fallujah city for its suicide missions,” a local resident of Fallujah city who has just fled the ISIL said.
The source said that the ISIL regards residents of Fallujah city as its own forces.
The source noted that the ISIL’s move is aimed at deceiving the Iraqi security forces.
In early March, a senior Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) commander underlined that the ISIL terrorist group has launched large-scale campaign in Iraq to capture all civilians to use them as human shield as the government and popular troops are making remarkable advances in the Arab country.
Also later in March, the latest report by London-based counter-extremism think tank, Quilliam, revealed that the ISIL is raising a generation of child killers from birth.
The report said that ISIL militants train children as soldiers, executioners and suicide bombers from an early age to make them “more lethal fighters than themselves.”
Quilliam researchers also add that as many as 50 children from the UK could be in the future mujahedeen training camps, as over 800 Britons are believed to live in ISIL-controlled territories.

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