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Imam Khomeini offered a new definition of politics

A renowned Indian analyst of the international political affairs believes that the late Imam Khomeini as the founder of the Islamic Republic in Iran changed the whole political landscape in Middle-East through creating a new concept for the same.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Akhlaq Usmani who is also well known for his wide coverage of Syria news and also as a crisis journalist, commented on the impact of Imam Khomeini and the Iranian Islamic Revolution on the political scenario in the Middle-East.

He said that “Imam Khomeini’s role should be seen not only in Iran but also in the entire geopolitical perspective. It is important to note that the late Imam has created a new meaning for politics not only in Iran but also in the entire Middle East. It is amazing that he both managed to change the political system in Iran while he was in exile and simultaneously became a personality that shook the political ideology of the region. Not surprisingly, even today, 39 years later, there is no shortage of popularity for him.”

Usmani went on to note that “the late Imam Khomeini is also the first leader who established a democratic political system in the Middle East the roots of which are getting stronger every day. The expansionist forces are abusive in Saudi Arabia because they could not understand the true meaning of democracy and Imam Khomeini wanted to tell this only.’

‘By establishing Iran as an ideal country, he proved that Muslims also can run democratic countries. His approach towards the Wahhabist and Zionist regimes gave his people the insight of the conspiracy of the two regimes. That is why Zionists are hand in glove with the Wahhabis against Iran,” he added.

Elaborating on the collaboration of the Saudi Arabia with the Zionist regime against Iran, Akhlaq Usmani said: “Ever since the young dictator came to power in Saudi Arabia, he has started accepting his relations with Israel. Following the defeat of the Ottomans and the British, Jewish and Saudis worked together, but they did not want people to become aware of this fact. Today, the whole world knows that Saudi Arabia and Israel are two sides of the same coin. Saudi Arabia provides training, arms and money to the terrorists to not only destroy Syria and Iraq but also the entire Islamic world.”

“Sadly, he is doing all these for Israel and America rather than for the wellbeing of his own people. Imam Khomeini had understood the nature of the friendship between the Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America long ago. So he wanted to create a non-Wahabi Islamic alliance. This coalition has had a lot of success recently. Now, not only the leftist and the socialist forces but also the Sunni are now supporting the Iranian and Islamic coalition. This is Iran’s answer to the dirty collaboration between the Saudi Arabia and Israel,” he underlined.

Supporting Iran’s demand for ensuring the peace, security and stability in the Middle-East without the US involvement, he said: “Iran’s demand for peace and stability in Middle-East minus America is the need of the time, region and mankind. Iran emphasizes on the Asian and Islamic unity. I think this effort of Iran is getting success.”

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