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“It will be to the benefit of Saudis to leave Yemen”



Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Monday that it will be to the benefit of Saudi Arabia to leave Yemen as soon as possible.

He made the remarks at his weekly press briefing.Qasemi expressed deep concern about worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen, saying that the Yemeni situation is very complicated.

Tehran welcomed the truce and regarded it a pre-requisite for a long-term ceasefire and cessation of hostility and go ahead with political negotiations to help resolve the dispute in Yemen, he said.

Regretfully, Saudi Arabia violated the truce and it seems the situation is becoming more complicated, he said.

Saudis should leave Yemen at the earliest and it will be to their benefit as continuation of the situation will bring them more challenges against their interests, Qasemi said.

Tehran is concerned about the current situation in Yemen and carnage of innocent people and expects Riyadh to halt its aggression and let a ceasefire to take effect under auspices of UN and join political dialogue to help resolve the crisis, he said.

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