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General Secretariat of Arab National Conference meeting begins in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- The meeting of General Secretariat of Arab National Conference (ANC) kicked off at Cham Hotel in Damascus, under the motto “With Syria in face of siege, aggression and occupation”, according to SANA reporter.

SecretaryGeneral of the Arab National Conference , Hamdin Sabahi stressed in his speech that the congress stands by Syria against terrorism, occupation and siege as it believes in Syria’s role and position in the heart of the Arab Nation.

Sabahi pointed out that the terrorism aimed at partitioning Syria, breaking its will and undermining its Arab identity and its Pan-Arab role.

Sabahi said that the Conference announces its firm commitment to stand by Syria as it fights the battle of the Arab Nation, but not its own battle, asserting that its victory is the victory of the entire nation.

The conference stresses its supportive stance to Syria’s independence, territorial integrity and unity of its people, Sabahi added.

The SecretaryGeneral said the conference sends a message of appreciation over Syria’s, people, army and leadership, heroic steadfastness and resistance in the face of the aggression.

Hala Zain

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