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Israel no match for Iran’s Army; equivalent to one of Iran’s operations in Iraq war: Army Chief

The chief commander of the Iranian Army says the Israeli military, which heavily relies on sophisticated Western-built munitions, is no match for Iran’s Armed Forces, dismissing hostile remarks by the Israeli army’s chief of staff that Israel is “ready” to attack Iran even without US support.

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said on Monday that such comments are merely meant to boost the morale of the Israeli soldiers and fix the internal problems of the regime.

“Anyone already familiar with the military capabilities of both sides knows well that the updated size and scale of the Zionist regime’s military would maximally correspond only to one of the plentiful operations that Iran’s Armed Forces undertook during the 1980-1988 Iraqi-imposed war on the Islamic Republic,” Mousavi said.

“The Zionist regime, which is sinking and the signs of its collapse are now becoming more evident than before, is too feeble to be viewed as a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The actions of its leaders, which are far from rationality and prudence, will only accelerate the downfall of the regime,” the top General added.

Iran reserves right to respond to fake Israeli regime's state terrorism: Foreign Ministry spokesman

“We are ready to act against Iran. The Israeli army has the ability to strike both in distant countries and near home,” Israeli army’s Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said on Wednesday.

He further claimed that the Israeli military will enhance its capabilities for a pre-emptive strike on Iran in the next few years, and such a strike would be “overwhelming” despite the geographical distance.

Iran’s Army chief has already dismissed Israel’s military threats, saying the regime is unable to take an Iranian response to any hostile act that it may carry out given the political tensions it faces inside the occupied territories and its sense of insecurity in the broader region.

Addressing a meeting with senior Army commanders on December 22 last year, Mousavi said Iran is closely and constantly monitoring all the enemy’s moves, and that the Armed Forces are fully ready to counter any threat at once.

“We will give a crushing response to any place from which an attack might originate against the security of the Islamic Republic and its interests or help is provided to the Zionist regime,” the top General added.

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