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KSA, Israel targeting Hezbollah ties with Sunni clerics


Sheikh Mustafa Malas, chairman of “national solidarity meeting” in Lebanon in an interview with Iran’s RASA News Agency referred to the media propaganda agaisnt Hezbollah during the recent months criticizing Arab media projects to defame Hezbollah and Islamic resistance, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Several Arab media in the region have channeled their huge wealth in line with serving world arrogant powers” expressing regret that the project to defame resistance movement is promoting with Arab dollars and in line with serving the Zionist regime of Israel.

He also hailed ties between Hezbollah and Sunni community in and outside Lebanon and added,” Hezbollah is widely respected by all domestic and international groups as an anti-Israeli movement who view changes in the Islamic and Arabic ummah (nation) through realistic lenses while anti-Hezbollah and hostile media cover everything that there seems to be an alleged disagreement or deep gap between Sunni community and Hezbollah.”

He stressed that all anti-Hezbollah propaganda is nothing but a media confrontation while the Islamic movement enjoys a deep loyalty among the Sunni community.

Sunni cleric referred to western media efforts to define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and stressed,” All these struggles are in line with show Hezbollah movement to a terrorist movement in global view to provoke world anger against it.”

Sheikh Mustafa Malas stressed,” There are clear difference between Hezbollah, as a symbol for resistance, and Takfiri terrorist groups who know nothing but massacre and destruction.”

Top Lebanese figure praised the positive role of clerics in supporting resistance and noted,” In order to understand key role played by scholars in supporting Hezbollah we should note that first the huge finance by the Zionist regime and some regional countries spent to prevent scholars joining the resistance movement and second the intensified pressure on religious leaders and scholars.”

He concluded with stressing the necessity of supporting Hezbollah and said,” Here I stress that all those who think of supporting resistance movement should maintain their steps firmly” and added,” In supporting Hezbollah, we scholars, neither draw back nor stop supporting the movement.”

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