Enemies of Syria

Israel continues to provide medical treatment to terrorists wounded in Syria

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Israeli occupation forces transported Monday three wounded terrorists from Syria to its hospitals in the occupied Palestinian territories In a new provocative step in defying the whole world which calls for countering all forms of terrorism.
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Israel’s support to terrorists has been very clear at all levels, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visit to a field hospital that was established especially for treating terrorists transported from Syria to the occupied Palestinian territories in an outrageous violation of the international law and the relevant UN Security Council’s resolutions.
Israeli TV Channel 2 reported on its Website that two wounded terrorists were transported from Syria to Nahariya hospital in Galilee, northern Palestine, while another one was transported to Poriya Hospital.
Walla website indicated that “Poriya hospital has treated 124 persons wounded in Syria so far,” while more than 449 wounded received medical treatment at Nahariya Hospital, according to Channel 2 website.
Members of “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorist organization spread in the disengagement zone, and they are supported by Israel in spite of the UN condemnation of terrorist crimes perpetrated by this organization.

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