Enemies of Syria

‘KSA main sponsor of terror in Syria’

351818_KSA-Syria-MilitantsA political analyst has warned against the continuation of militancy in Syria, saying Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of terrorism in the crisis-hit country.
“Those militant groups [in Syria] are…simply fighting for resources, for territory and financing, which is coming from the Saudi regime, which has become, the main financer and has actually set up the arming, funding, logistical support and [is] actually paying salaries,” Zayd al-Isa, Middle East affairs specialist from London, told Press TV on Saturday.
He added that Saudi Arabia has been pushing the US to “intervene in a military fashion” in Syria, however, Riyadh moved to set up its arming and funding to different groups in Damascus after its strategic policy failed.
“Those groups are fighting amongst themselves to prove the other ones that they have the upper hand and they are, actually, the most powerful on the ground. They are all al-Qaeda-linked groups, fighting among each other,” the commentator said, adding, “It seems that Saudi Arabia has never… given up on the military option.”
He said the Saudi regime has been pushing very hard to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is presently ready to pay more to various militant groups which all adhere to the Wahhabi and Salafi ideology.
Saudi Arabia has reportedly agreed to provide foreign-backed militant groups in Syria with more sophisticated weaponry including anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles.
Meanwhile, the Syrian army has reportedly arrested more than 80 foreign officers and soldiers, mostly from Saudi spy services. The detainees are said to have entered Syria to carry out terrorist attacks.
The detainees include seven high-ranking Saudi military officers, 14 Qatari officers and 9 Turkish intelligence personnel.

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