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Nusra Front Claims Execution of Lebanese Soldier

Ali_Bazzal (1)

Terrorist Nusra Front claimed late on Friday it had executed Lebanese policeman Ali Bazzal, one of the 26 servicemen, who were taken hostages by the terrorist group few months ago.Ali Bazzal

In a statement issued on its Twitter account, the Nusra Front threatened to murder more servicemen if Lebanese authorities do not release “sisters” detained in Lebanon, in an apparent reference to Saja al-Dulaimi, a divorcee of ISIL chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and Alaa al-Oqaili, the wife of top Nusra commander Abu Anas al-Shishani.

Earlier this week, media reported that the Lebanese army had arrested the women as they crossed into Lebanon from Syria about two weeks ago.

“Carrying out the death sentence against one of the prisoners of war who are in our custody – Ali al-Bazzal – is the least response that it can expect from us,” the terrorist group added.

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