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ISIL advancing zionist plot in Syria: Analyst


The ISIL Takfiri terrorists and other militant groups currently wreaking havoc on Syria are implementing a Zionist plot in the Middle East, says a commentator.

Trevor LaBonte said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, “There is absolutely no question whatsoever that the Takfiri militants from the outset have been nothing but Zionist plot.”

The analyst added that the Israeli regime and its Wahhabi allies in Saudi Arabia have created these groups in order to foment sectarianism and fuel militancy across the region.

Leaked intelligence reports show that the ISIL “murderers, rapists and wild animals” had been transported by Saudi Arabia form around the world, the analyst stated.

LaBonte also pointed out that these terrorists fed by an “extremist Zionist and Wahhabi ideology” have “nothing to do with Islam.”

The commentator concluded by saying that the Zionist-controlled Western mainstream media was using crimes committed by ISIL to spread Islamophobia and tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims.

Media reports indicate that some Israeli hospitals are treating those ISIL militants who come in injured from fighting in Syria.

The United States and its regional allies, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, are reportedly giving financial and military support to the militants fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The ISIL terrorists currently control some parts of Syria and Iraq. They have been committing heinous crimes in the captured areas, including mass executions and beheadings.

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