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Iranians hold massive rally to condemn Zionist regime’s crimes in Palestine


Various walks of life across the country staged a massive rally on May 18 after Friday prayers to condemn Zionist regime’s brutal crimes committed against Palestinian people on “Nakba Day” as well as US Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

At the second day of Holy Month of Ramadan, fasting people across the country took to the streets and thoroughfares after Friday prayers ceremony and condemned heinous crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the oppressed people of Palestine.

The demonstrators chanted slogans: ‘Death to Israel’, ‘Death to America’, ‘Death to UK’ and ‘Death to Al Saud’.

During the past days, people in other parts of the world condemned Zionist regime’s crimes and atrocities committed on Palestinian people on Nakba Day, in which, 63 Palestinian people were martyred.

Demonstrators complained about the silence of international community for this flagrant crime of the Zionist regime and urged them to take immediate action for this human catastrophe.

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