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‘Bloodshed in Esfahan, Khuzestan stem from enemy frustration with media terror’

The Iranian administration’s spokesman condemns a string of terror operations in the provinces of Khuzesatan and Esfahan, saying such terrorist activities are rooted in the enemies’ frustration with the media terrorism being waged against the country.

Ali Bahadori Jahromi was reacting on Thursday to separate terrorist shooting attacks that hit the central cities of Semirom and Malekshahr as well as the southwestern city of Izeh, leaving a number of civilians and security forces dead and injured.

“Those who played into media terrorists should be accountable for the actions of their outgrowths on the streets of Izeh and Esfahan,” said the official, adding that the assaults will not go unanswered.

He added, “Enemies and [those waging] media terrorism try to advance their agenda by spreading propaganda [against Iran] and by resorting to different types of media hype and through methods that are unclear and unfamiliar, but when they lose hope, they have no other way than terror,” he said.

They are not concerned about Iranian children and women, the spokesman said, adding, “They chant slogans [in support of] freedom and women but they are [in reality] flag-bearers for acts of terrorism.”

On Wednesday, at least seven people were killed after terrorists opened fire at people and security forces at a crowded market in Izeh in southwestern province of Khuzestan around the sunset.



A nine-year-old child, a 45-year-old woman, and three youths were among the martyrs. At least 10 other people were also wounded, four of whom are in critical condition.

Meanwhile, three people were killed and eight security forces injured during riots in Semirom in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

Two security forces were also killed and two others wounded in the city of Malekshahr in Isfahan Province.

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