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Syria affirms that the barbaric Zionist aggression against Damascus proves its criminal nature

Damascus, SANA-Syria affirmed that the barbaric aggression of the Israeli occupation entity against a neighborhood in Damascus and the genocide it is carrying out in the occupied Palestinian territories proves its criminal nature.

“The racist Israeli entity launched a brutal aggression on Saturday, January 20, 2024, targeting one of the civilian neighborhoods in Damascus and this inhumane act resulted in the complete collapse of a residential building, damage to the buildings adjacent to it, and martyrdom and injury a number of civilians “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement.

The ministry added: “This barbaric aggression, in addition to the human genocide that the Zionist enemy is carrying out in the occupied Palestinian territories, proves beyond any doubt the criminal nature of this entity and its leaders.”.

“Syria calls on the international community to take immediate action to stop these crimes and massacres committed by the Zionist entity against innocent civilians and civilian property, which disrupt regional and international security and peace and violate the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the goals for which the organization was established.” The ministry continued.

The Ministry noted that Israeli aggression against safe families and the demolition of civilian homes, without regard for a child, elderly or woman, has become an Israeli approach that reflects the policy of extermination adopted by fascist Zionism, based on denying the existence of peoples and their rights.

“Syria affirms that this aggression will only increase its determination to stand up to these inhumane Zionist plans and the approach of genocide and ethnic cleansing practiced by the Israeli entity without regard to international laws and conventions.”The ministry said.

The Ministry concluded by saying: “Syria calls on the countries of the world to stand up to the genocidal policies practiced by the Israeli entity in the Arab region. It also calls on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security, holding the Zionist political and military criminals accountable, and putting an end to their inhumane and immoral policies.”.


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