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ISIS faces complete annihilation in southern Damascus-map



ISIS is on its last legs in southern Damascus after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) achieved a major breakthrough in the town of Hajar Al-Aswad this morning.

Led by their Republican Guard and 4th Division units, the Syrian Arab Army has been steadily advancing across the Islamic State’s last pocket in southern Damascus this afternoon, seizing building-after-building from the terrorist group.

With Hajar Al-Aswad nearly under their control, the Syrian Army is looking ahead to the Yarmouk Camp now, which is mostly under the control of the Islamic State.

The Syrian Army has called on the Islamic State to surrender Yarmouk Camp and they most likely will, given the fact they are fully surrounded and at the mercy of the Syrian and Russian air forces.

ISIS will likely surrender the Yarmouk Camp in the next 24 hours if they are unable to beat back the Syrian Army’s advance from the southern axis of the district.

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