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Filipino president uses vulgar term to describe



Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has warned US President Barack Obama not to question him about reports of extrajudicial killings when they meet in Laos later, using a vulgar Tagalog term to describe him.

His comments, made in reply to a reporter in Manila about how he will explain the killings, prompted a response from Obama, suggesting he may refuse to meet with him.

The US president “must be respectful” and not “throw questions,” Duterte was quoted by AP as saying before flying to Laos. “Putang ina, I will swear at you in that forum.” The phrase in Tagalog means “son of a b****.”

“Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people,” he asserted. “Look at the human rights of America along that line. The way they treat the migrants there.”

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