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Thousands Gather in Taksim on Fourth Year Anniversary of Gezi Resistance of Turkey



Thousands gathered in Turkish city of Istanbul on the fourth year anniversary of the Gezi Resistance, reports said.

As the Gezi Park and its surrounding had been blocked by police barricades earlier, the group met in Istiklal Street and marched to Taksim Square, Birgun reported.

In addition to messages commemorating the Gezi Park resistance, the crowd also emphasized their opposition to the shift in the governance system of the country, which was brought about through a rigged referendum held in April.

Slogans chanted included: “No! It’s not over yet!”; “Everywhere is Taksim”; “This is only the beginning”; “Nuriye and Semih are not alone”; “From Gezi to Raqqa”, and more.

As the police stopped the march, the demonstrators sat on the ground to protest the blockade.

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