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Zionist Occupation Forces Suppress Nakba Day Rallies in Bethlehem, Ramallah


Israeli occupation forces cracked down on Palestinians commemorating the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, or “catastrophe,” on Monday, with several Palestinians sustaining gunshot injuries and suffering from severe tear gas inhalation during marches in Bethlehem and Ramallah.

At least three people were hospitalized for after Israeli forces violently suppressed a Nakba march in the southern occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem around midday Monday, with one march participant describing the use of force as one of “the worst (tear) gas experiences” they had witnessed in the city in five years.

Witnesses told Ma’an the Israeli forces were deliberately launching tear gas canisters directly at demonstrators on the main street in northern Bethlehem where the march culminated, and continued to shoot tear gas at those attempting the escape, causing numerous people to suffer from tear gas suffocation.

Local sources said Israeli soldier also sprayed skunk water on demonstrators.

Israeli soldiers also used stun grenades and opened fire on protesters with rubber-coated steel bullets. At least three people were shot and injured in their extremities and evacuated to the hospital for treatment.

Source: Ma’an News Agency

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