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Defense Minister participates in celebration of Russian Navy Day, inspects areas affected by fires in Lattakia

Tartous and Lattakia, SANA-On the occasion of the Naval Fleet Day of the Russian Federation, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Minister of Defense, General Ali Abbas, participated in the celebration that was held at the Russian naval base in Tartous Governorate.

Defense Minister attended the ceremony along with General Andrei Serdoukov, the commander of the gathering of the Russian forces operating in Syria, the Russian ambassador in Damascus, and a number of senior officers of the two friendly armies.

The celebration included a parade of the participating Russian and Syrian naval vessels, as well as some equipment and weapons on the participating warships

The Minister of Defense toured one of the friendly Russian ships, during which he was briefed on the tasks performed by the ship’s crew, and listened to an explanation about its various weapons, devices and equipment.

later, General Abbas, accompanied by a number of General Command officers, visited the areas affected by fires in the countryside of Lattakia, as he was briefed on the work of the crews and cadres involved in extinguishing fires, listened to them about the nature of the tasks they carry out, and provided them with his directives, stressing the need to do everything possible efforts and remain in full readiness around the clock, and harness all capabilities to help the affected people and preserve lives and public and private property.

The minister also met with a number of fighters who participate in extinguishing fires and praised their efforts and courage and their prominent role in confronting fires, preventing their spread and mitigating their effects, noting the active and influential role of the army and armed forces in war and disasters and in all fields.

In turn, the fighters affirmed that they are fully prepared to face dangers and challenges, to ensure the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens, and to make the most precious sacrifices in carrying out their duties.

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