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Iran’s defense min.: Iran’s response to zionists’ plots might surprise them



The Iranian defense minister has reacted to Netanyahu’s latest propaganda show, warning the Israeli regime to stop plotting as Iran’s response will surprise them.

Speaking at Malek Ashtar University of Technology in Tehran on Tuesday to commemorate the “Workers Week,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami rejected the allegations leveled against Iran by Benjamin Netanyahu last night, adding that those false allegations were nothing new and were in line with Donald Trump’s hostile scenario against Iran.

Hatami added since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the Israeli regime has been in decline, predicting that the Zionists’ fate would be what Iran’s Leader had said before.

The Iranian defense minister warned the Israelis to stop plotting against Iran as Iran’s response will surprise them and they will regret it soon.

He concluded that Iran will continue to support the deprived Palestinians’ rights as before.

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