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DA’RAA OP: Terror forces send massive convoy of reinforcements to southern Syria front

The Free Syrian Army’s “Jaysh Ahrar Al-Ashaer” (AKA “Army of Free Tribes”) sent a massive convoy of reinforcements to the Dara’a front-lines to prepare their defenses for the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) upcoming offensive in the province.

Jaysh Ahrar Al-Ashaer is headed by Brigadier General Fahd Al-Na’imi and the group itself is supported by the Jordanian regime.

The group claims to have more than 3,000 fighters in the Al-Quneitra, Al-Sweida, and Dara’a governorates of southern Syria.

Below is a video of their troops heading to the battle front in Dara’a:

Source: AMN

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