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Syrian Army Spreading Control Across Quneitra Province


The Syrian Army is nearing the end of its operations in the Southwestern province of Quneitra as its forces are making rapid advances in all directions and more militant-held regions are joining the reconciliation plan, a local sources said on Monday.

The army men entered al-Khashniyeh and Quseibeh regions in Quneitra province and hoisted the Damascus flag within the framework of a reconciliation plan in Southern Syria.

In the meantime, militants in the villages and small towns of Beir Ajam, Bariqeh and Jabata al-Khashab are handing over their missile launchers, cannons, military vehicles, tanks and personal arms and ammunition to the army men.

Field sources said that handing over of the weapons to the army soldiers is underway in Beir Ajam and Bariqeh, adding that the process of reconciliation will face delay due to the high quantity of arms and ammunition that must be handed over to the army.

Military experts say the Quneitra province will come under the army’s full control soon after militants hand over the weapons and those terrorists that have rejected to join army’s peace offer retreat to Idlib.

The Syrian Army forces managed to capture Quneitra city in the Southwestern part of the country near the border with Israeli-occupied Golan Heights after a month of non-stop battle against terrorists, field sources reported on Saturday.

The sources said that the army men freed Quneitra city and its outskirts completely and entered the city, hoisting government flag in al-Tahrir square.

The sources further said that the army’s engineering units has started defusing bombs and landmines planted by the terrorists across the city.

The army men also freed the small towns of al-Quneitra Mahdama, al-Qahtaniyah al-Rawazi, al-Samdaniyah al-Qarbiyah, al-Ajraf, Um al-Ozam Dam and al-Alam square in Quneitra outskirts, the sources said, adding that militants in the Jabata, Taranjah, Ofaniyah and al-Horiyah regions have also handed over their heavy and semi-heavy weapons to the army men under a surrender plan in the region.

The sources went on to say that there are only a few villages under militants’ control in Quneitra now and the army is nearing complete liberation of the entire province.

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