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4 Jeish al-Iman Terrorist Commanders Killed in Southwestern Aleppo


The Syrian army and resistance forces killed tens of militants in Southwestern Aleppo, including 4 notorious commanders of Jeish al-Iman and Faylaq al-Sham terrorist groups.
Mohammad Abdolkarim, a notorious commander of Faylaq al-Sham, and Abu Mohammad al-Nashmi, Abu Ahmad al-Souri and Abolbara al-Hamawi of Jeish al-Iman terrorist group were among the terrorists killed in the Wednesday night attacks by the resistance forces in al-Sanobarat and al-Sabeqiya regions in the Southwestern parts of Aleppo.

The attacks, supported by the Russian fighter jets, lasted until Thursday morning and extended to al-Qarasi and al-Imara regions as well as al-Imara heights.

Field sources reported that the clashes still continue in the region.

The Syrian and Russian fighter jets conducted 200 airstrikes against the military positions and gathering centers of the terrorist groups in the Southwestern part of Aleppo on Wednesday.

The Syrian fighter jets strongly pounded the terrorists’ centers in al-Bab road, Qaterchi region, al-Sha’ar, al-Jazmati, Qzi Askar, al-Meyser, al-Movaselat and Karm al-Tarab.

Also on Wednesday, Syria’s warplanes precisely targeted a convoy of military vehicles in the Western countryside of the city of Aleppo in Northern Syria, killing dozen terrorists.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Syrian warplanes hit the military positions of the terrorists in the surrounding areas of the military academy buildings in the Southwestern countryside of Aleppo, destroying their military hardware, weapons and ammunition.

Also the Syrian air force destroyed terrorists’ positions, military vehicle convoys, including armored machinegun-equipped vehicles as well as cars loaded with ammunition, killing scores of terrorists to the East of Khanaser, Khan Touman, Kafar Hamra, Mitrem, West of al-Mansoura, at the surrounding areas of the military academy buildings and Talat Bazo in Aleppo city and its countryside.

Meantime, a media source close to the Syrian dissidents disclosed that the warplanes have destroyed the terrorists’ tunnel in the town of Khan Touman to the South of Aleppo city.

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