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Syrian Army Launches Fresh Anti-Terrorism Operation in Northeastern Lattakia


Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces stormed Jeish al-Fatah’s strongholds near a key mountainous town in the Kurds mountain near the border with Idlib province, inflicting major losses and casualties on the militants.
The Syrian Armed Forces, backed up by the country’s Air Force, attacked Shillif Hill at the Southern side of the town of Kinsibba, and engaged in tough battle with Jeish al-Fatah.


Shillif Hill and Shillif Castle are two sites that the Syrian Armed Forces have to capture in order to impose fire control over Kinsibba.

The Syrian Armed Forces’ operation was aimed at laying siege on Kinsibba from two different flanks before they launch the final attack to capture this important town that overlooks the Southern region of the Turkish Hatay Province.

Meantime on Thursday, the Russian fighter jets’ precision strikes on Lattakia-Aleppo highway blew up two convoys of terrorists, killing all the militants and destroying their vehicles.

The first convoy was moving from the Eastern parts of Ariha region when attacked by the Russian air force in Lattakia-Aleppo highway.

All the militants in the convoy were killed and their weapons and vehicles were destroyed.

Also, another convoy, including military equipment and logistic materials, was moving from the Northwestern city of Saraqib towards Aleppo city when it came under attack and was destroyed by the Russians’ airstrikes.

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