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Shaaban: Western campaign on presidential elections continuation of aggression on Syria

20140527-190210_h547080 (1)Participants in the political intellectual symposium which was organized by al-Baath Arab Socialist Party at al-Assad Library in Damascus discussed the topic of “Syrians and the Democratic Choice.”
Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, pointed out that the presidential elections are a continuation of the Syrian people’s steadfastness and the Syrian Arab Army.
Shaaban considered the campaign which is launched by the West on the presidential elections is a continuation of the aggressive campaign against Syria through which the west sent weapons, money and mercenaries to kill the Syrian people, stressing the will and desire of the Syrian people to achieve this event.
Dr. Shaaban pointed out that the crisis which passed over Syria has revealed the stances of every one and a clear vision was crystalized about the countries which are ready to deal with the enemy against their sisterly countries.
She added that the Russian-Chinese veto served a new world that is born after the unipolar policy has crashed forever through Syria’s victory.
“We will face the regional confrontations through reconsidering the pan-Arab relations and enhancing relations with the countries which supported the Syrian state, and we will enhance our Arabism and Palestine will remain the compass of the conflict and the primary Arab Cause,” Dr. Shaaban concluded.

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